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Let’s find out how to use glitter 90s makeup trends in the optimal way possible. We’ll explore diverse ways to get into this style and find ideas to make your beauty journey amazing.


Let’s step back in time and cherish the glitter 90s makeup trends with our complete guide to using glitter in your fashion routine. In the 1990s, people took risks and tried fascinating things. Today, we’re bringing back some of those imaginative trends with a modern twist. Further, we’ve got you covered whether you aim to add some sparkle for a night out or desire to add some nostalgia to your daily makeup routine. In this detailed study, we’ll look at diverse ways to add glitter to your fashion statement, each with its style.

Glitter 90s Makeup Trends: The Glittery Smokey Eye

The 90s were all about smudged, smoky eye makeup, and glitter is a top-notch way to update this classic look. You can start with a neutral eyeshadow base. Then cautiously apply a sparkly eyeshadow or light glitter to your eyelids. Blend it smoothly into your crease for a smoky result that looks like you didn’t even try. To keep from going too far, you have to balance the shimmer with muddy shades in the same color family.

Then finish with eyeliner and mascara for an enchanting look that looks like it came straight out of the 1990s. You can also try out various color mixes to put more depth to your glittery smokey eye. Deep purple, green, or blue colors can add a lot of drama to this amazing look. Remember to add most of the glitter on the lid to retain a balance between an old and a modern look.

Sparkling Lips and Liner

Lip gloss was a must-have in the glitter 90s makeup trends. Now you can take this trend to the next level with lip colors that have glitter in them. Go for a lip gloss with glitter or apply a clear gloss and sprinkle free glitter on top. Further, you can use glitter as eyeliner for a bold touch by putting it along your upper or lower lash line. This mesmerizing pop of shimmer will make your eyes sparkle and your lips glimmer. This will blend 90s nostalgia and current glam in a way that looks ideal. Besides, add a small amount of shimmering glitter for your lips if you desire to look casually 90s. It will reflect the light just right, giving you an ethereal glow that is amazing for daytime. If you opt for this with a simple winged eyeliner, you’ll look sleek and a little bit retro.

Glitter as Highlighter

Say goodbye to understatement and embrace the glitter 90s makeup trends. You can go with a glittery illuminator instead of an ordinary highlighter on your cheeks. Further, bridge of your nose, and Cupid’s bow. The shine will grasp the light and grant you that much-desired ethereal glow. Further, be certain to keep the rest of your makeup plain. So, your glittery highlights can steal the party. This will bestow you with a bold and mesmerizing look. Besides, it’s critical to choose the right glitter highlighter. Go for a glitter that is not chunky and finely ground. This will work perfectly if you aim for a classy shine instead of a disco ball look. This way, you can seem like you are from the 1990s while still looking modern.

Glitter 90s Makeup Trends: Glitter Nails and Eyes Combo

Why stop with just one sparkly element when you can have two? Go for glitter shades that go with both your nail paint and your eye makeup. It’s a small but notable way to finish off your look. Make certain that the colors go amazingly together for a pleasing look. This glimmery duo will take your 90s-inspired makeup to the next level. Further, choose nail paint with small glitter particles that will stay for a long time. This will validate that the polish goes on smoothly and that your nails will sparkle all day without losing their shine. Besides, if you match your aglitter nails with shiny eyeshadow or liner, you’ll be all set for any event with an eye-catching look.

Matching Outfit Ideas

Take your glitter-filled 90s makeup to the next level with perfectly matching outfits ideas that combine vintage charm and the latest style. Versatility is the primal key to coming up with attire ideas that go with your glittery look. Think about carrying a glimmer slip dress in a color that goes with your glittering makeup. Further, put in an edge to 90s fashion by wearing it with notable platform trainers or classic combat boots.

For a more chic take on the trend, you can try wide-leg pants or a pair of high-waisted with a glittery crop top. For a chunk of nostalgia, go for a denim jacket with glittery details. Besides, if you desire a more casual outfit for the day, select a graphic tee with a 90s icon and tuck it into high-waisted jeans. You can complete the look with a glitter belt or trainer. Go for a clutch with glitter details to pull your whole look together.


Inspired by the glitter 90s makeup trends, incorporating glitter into your makeup is a sure way to make a statement. From the smoldering smoky eye to the glimmering lips and makeup, there are plenty of ways to blend old and new styles into your look. Further, remember that you don’t have to go too far, but you do need to figure out the perfect mix for the glitter to shine. So, embrace the glitz, try out these thoughtful ideas, and get ready to shine like a real 90s superstar. Further, the glittery trends are here to stay, and you are all set to rock them like never before. Use these imaginative ideas to level up your makeup game and permit your inner 90s diva to show through.